Just because our economy is in a recession does not mean that women don’t like to look their best. Unfortunately, some of us don’t have the same disposable income that we used to. That’s why a lot of women have started to buy jewelry at auction. You can save a lot of money when you buy jewelry at auction. Plus, it can be a lot of fun! However, before you buy jewelry at auction, it is important to know how to know you are getting a good deal and what to watch out for when it comes to jewelry auction scams. The most common place to buy jewelry at auction is online, where the entire process has become an easy and convenient process. After you browse through the auction jewelry and you find something you like, take a look at the seller’s information. How long has the seller been a member? The longer, the better. If the seller signed up a day or two before the auction, be cautious. Read any member feedback and comments.

Before you buy jewelry at auction, don’t hesitate to ask the seller questions. Their response time and jewelry knowledge will you a lot about their legitimacy. Popular online jewelry auction scams target bidders interested in buying particular jewelry brands. If the seller promises an authentic piece, check to see if the listing includes photo evidence of the brand. Remember, even though you can buy jewelry at auction through a relatively easy process, you are still handling a transaction with a stranger. Protect yourself and your wallet. If you have any doubts about the purchase, either contact the seller, or hold your bid.

Federal Auctions & Jewelry Auctions

Let’s be honest, the economy is in the tank and none of us have the spending abilities we used to. Suddenly when you need to buy a car, a second computer, or even want to treat yourself or your loved one to some jewelry, it doesn’t feel like you can afford anything. Well, there are people just like you who can afford to buy a car, a computer, or even some jewelry; and that’s because they are taking advantage of federal auctions. Federal auctions sell everything from automobiles to boats, from computers to gym equipment. Bidding at federal auctions is easy. The most convenient way to buy items from federal auctions is online.

To participate in federal auctions, you may need to register with an online auction site. The site lists all items available by categories, which include clothing, household goods, jewelry, collectibles, books, music, aviation, electronics, real estate, and vehicles. Each category lists sub categories and the items for sale. Online bidders who are awarded the items for the highest bid are responsible for removing the item from its location, which can be anyway in the country. When bidding in federal auctions, keep in mind shipping and handling costs in addition to the bidding price.

Public Jewelry Auctions

Public jewelry auctions are some of the best kept secrets. Instead of shopping for over-priced items, you can set your own price by bidding at public jewelry auctions. Most public auctions are held by the government, including federal auctions, state auctions, and local auctions. Which auction you choose to participate in depends on what you’re looking to buy. A lot of police jurisdictions hold public auctions for seized automobiles, while a lot of state governments hold public auctions for surplus cars, equipment, jewelry, precious gemstones, and much more.

Public jewelry auctions can be held in person, online, or, in some circumstances, by mail. Prior to the start of the event, all of the items available are made public to potential bidders usually with photos, a detailed description, and bidding instructions. Seeing what is for sale in advance allows bidders to decide A, if there is anything they want to buy, and B, what kind of price they are going to bid for the items. During live public auctions, the auctioneer with sell one item at a time to the highest bidder. Some bidding results in a bidding war for popular items at public auctions; that’s why it’s important to decide your absolute maximum bid so that you don’t end up bidding more than you can afford.